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June Birthstone: Moonstone

June is a longing month. It has a pleasant climate throughout the year and is the best time to get close to nature and engage in outdoor activities. Not only because of the coming of summer, but most importantly because it has two special birthdays. Stone: Pearl and Moonstone. Today, we will focus on the second birthstone of June, moonstone, and explore its material, distribution, products made into it, as well as its meaning and impact on birthdays.

Moonstone material:

Moonstone is a mineral with a unique luster and color, usually light blue, lavender or yellowish in color. What’s unique about it is that it displays a mysterious blue light at different angles and lights. This effect is called the “moonlight effect.” The main component of moonstone is soda-calcium aluminum silicate, which contains tiny feldspar fibers and internal cracks. These features allow light to reflect inside the mineral, creating a moonlight-like brilliance.


Moonstone is mainly distributed in Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Australia, Brazil and the United States. Sri Lanka is particularly famous for its moonstones as it produces some of the most beautiful moonstones and they are considered to be of the highest quality.

Products made:

Moonstone is usually used to make various jewelry, such as rings, necklaces, earrings, etc. Its unique luster makes it a popular gemstone choice, especially for weddings and special occasions. In addition, moonstone is also used to make decorations, carvings and various crafts to showcase its beautiful brilliance.

The meaning of moonstone:

Moonstone represents the mystery and femininity of women. It is believed to have the ability to calm, balance and emotionally attune, helping the wearer maintain inner peace and harmony in life. Moonstone has also been given the symbolic meaning of representing love and family, so it is often given to newlyweds or couples celebrating wedding anniversaries. It is also regarded as a stone with spiritual powers that can help people improve their intuition and spiritual insight.

The impact of birthdays:

If you are born in June and have moonstone as your birthstone, you are lucky to have a gemstone full of mysterious brilliance. Moonstone may have some effects in your life, such as:

Balance emotions: Moonstone helps balance emotions, allowing you to deal with life’s challenges more calmly and rationally.

Enhances intuition: It may improve your intuition and insight, helping you make more informed decisions.

Strengthen Bonds: Moonstone symbolizes love and family and may help strengthen your bonds with loved ones and partners.

Spiritual Guidance: For those seeking spiritual enlightenment, moonstone may help you delve deep within yourself to find spiritual guidance.

Moonstone is a magical gemstone that is not only beautiful, but also has profound symbolic meaning and potential influence. For birthday celebrations in June, wearing moonstone jewelry or placing it in your home is a great choice to feel its mysterious radiance and positive energy. Regardless, moonstone is a stunning choice for June’s birthstone, which will always shine with the charm of moonlight.

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