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Crystal Activation And Purification

We all knew about the healing and efficacy of crystals before we got them. This is one of the reasons why we practice crystals. In addition to purifying our minds, hearts and bodies, it also gives us enough energy protection, but what we initially learned Crystals we need to learn how to activate and how to charge them later for use, essentially a way to reset the crystal and purify the energy that was dropped before you had it. When you use them, they absorb all types of energy, including negative energy (so it is best to cleanse the crystal after it has been touched), which is a guideline that many beginners need to know.

So, how do you clean and activate crystals?
1 smoke

Smoking purified crystals allows the crystals to gain rich energy in a short period of time. Choose a stick of sage and soak the crystal in cleansing smoke to cleanse it for the first time, or to reset its energy to better serve you.

Suitable range: most crystals and semi-precious stones

2 buried

The earth is the great mother earth. Crystals originally grow in the soil and return to the mother’s embrace. The crystals are placed in the soil for 12 hours to charge, gain energy and reset. Outdoor soil is best. If the conditions are not met, crystals can also be buried in the soil of indoor pots.

Suitable gemstones: obsidian, barite, tourmaline, agate

3 sunshine

The growth of all things depends on the sun, which represents positive and positive energy. We can put the crystal in the sun for more than 3 hours to burn off the old energy and replenish new energy. When placing a transparent crystal ball in the sun, be careful to generate an open flame, because the transparent crystal ball has a light-gathering effect.

Suitable gemstones: citrine, sunstone, tiger eye stone

4 moonlight

Putting the crystal under the moonlight overnight and bathing in the moonlight can help the crystal rest and relax. You can also project your dreams into crystals (I won’t go into details here, I will talk about them later). Suitable gemstones: moonstone, labradorite, chalcedony, gypsum

5 water

It is best to choose wild flowing mountain spring water. The ancient cloud crystal is the spirit of water. When we use water to purify and bless the crystal, it will increase the emotional characteristics. This method is suitable for stones with water elements. Do not use the water just coming out of the faucet to clean the crystal, because it has been disturbed in the water pipe. Leave it in a vessel for at least 10 minutes to reduce the agitation of the water and keep it in its natural state.

Suitable gemstones: aquamarine, seaweed, jasper, turquoise, blue agate

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