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Crystal Wholesale Buy | Crystal Candle Holder

Usually crystal can be processed into many handicrafts, and crystal handicrafts have always been unique and scarce.

Today we want to recommend candlesticks cut and carved from various crystal materials. At present, the most suitable materials for making candlesticks are agate, crystal, Afghan jade, etc. There are many shapes of candlesticks, including square, round, Candlestick stands, etc., our wholesaler jaygemworld has been purchasing high-quality rough ore materials from all over the world. At present, there are many kinds of high-quality candlesticks, which are suitable for family atmosphere, suitable for chakra healing, and festive atmosphere. Need to arrange a different candlestick theme

  1. White plaster candle holder
  2. Amethyst candle holder
  3. Calcite candle holder
  4. Pink crystal candle holder
  5. White crystal candle holder
  6. Marble candle holder
  7. Afghan jade candle holder
  8. Obsidian candle holder,
  9. Fluorite candle holder
  10. Agate candle holder

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