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Different healing methods of crystals?

Balance Chakras: The chakras are the main energy centers in the body, and they affect the vitality, emotions, and spiritual abilities of the body. When the center of the chakras is balanced, life can function smoothly and harmoniously. When out of balance, the corresponding life block will be full of chaos. Crystals can help us cleanse the chakras and bring them back to a consistent size. When operating, you can lie down on your back and choose to place the crystal in the position corresponding to the chakra, or arrange it under the bed or treatment bed you are lying on. Another way is to simply hold and meditate on various crystals with your hands

Healing: Crystal energy, as described in the book, helps to strengthen all energy bodies: etheric, emotional and physical, and to deal with their imbalances or symptoms. When using a combination of thoughts, divine guidance, and carefully selected crystals, the channels of energy will be born in response to the love from heaven and earth into thebody.

Interaction of group energy: Quartz crystals of cluster type (individual crystals with several radial single points) promote a harmonious and harmonious group atmosphere and improve the efficiency of family and business meetings. The individual single tips of the clusters grow together, like groups of diverse viewpoints. You can place them in a gathering place, or an area for group communication.

Rooted and protected: If you feel trance-like, as if wandering in your sleep, you can use crystals to root and pull your mind back to the here and now. They also enhance and solidify the personal magnetic field, undisturbed by the stimulating energies of the external environment. Hematite, black tourmaline, and obsidian are crystals to grab when you’re feeling down, depressed, or need to boost your energy defenses. Carrying these silent and calm companions with you will keep you from being out of touch with reality.

Life mission: Identifying and clarifying life goals is a common theme of individual cases. One of the crystals that effectively solves this problem is the white crystal used in combination with black tourmaline. This combination helps strengthen motivation, direction, and goal setting. You can hold the crystal or meditate around it, keeping your mind on receiving clear instructions of your life’s mission and asking the crystal to enhance your ability to receive messages

Drinking water: Put clean and polished crystals in drinking water to increase the frequency of the liquid and enhance the healing effect.

Crystal Serum: Pour crystal powder into water to make a powerful serum. The preparation of this ancient remedy requires extensive knowledge of the subject in order to select crystals suitable for incorporation into liquids, as the chemical composition of the crystal kingdom is very complex. Before taking any mixture, you must understand the possible induced and potential physiological reactions. It is recommended that you seek the assistance of a qualified therapist, such as an allopathic physician or nutritionist, and avoid mixing your own serum without guidance.

Feng Shui: Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of decoration, which believes that everything in the surrounding environment has a meaning and purpose. Crystals symbolize the earth element in nature and are often used to balance the chi (energy) of home environments and buildings.

Jewelry: There are many benefits to wearing gemstones, especially around the heart and throat. In this way, the belt can do more, actually transmitting energy in the solar plexus. Crystals that meet your needs can be used as decorative and healing tools. The crystals selected according to the itinerary and mood of the day are the most appropriate.

Color Therapy: Colorful crystals share many similarities with color therapy. Color therapy often involves the use of shades or vials of two-color liquids, such as Aura-Soma (a healing system that combines the healing power of colors, plants, and crystals). Choose representative crystals to strengthen and balance life. For example, rubies are like red energy that is full of vitality, similar to the blood flowing through the body. Pink crystal symbolizes unconditional love, which is equivalent to the pink frequency of universal love.

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