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Dig & Discover Kits

How do I get Dig & Discover Kits and how are they made?

What are Dig & Discover Kits?

Dig & Discover Kits is a very meaningful product. It simulates some excavation sites millions of years ago and contains various prehistoric creatures and various gemstones. It stimulates children’s hands-on ability and passion for exploration, and the educational goal is STEM. Featured frequently in National Geographic magazines and programs.
There are many Dig & Discover Kits products on the market currently, including gem series, fossil series, pirate series, etc.

How are Dig & Discover Kits made?

Different series of digging boxes are made differently, but the main steps are to hide the items to be dug in plaster, wait for the plaster to solidify, and then put them into the digging box with digging tools.

Where can I buy Dig & Discover Kits?

Digging boxes are generally sold in museums, aquariums, crystal gift shops, and collection stores. These digging boxes will contain some small digging items, so you need adult guidance when playing digging games, or provide them to 8-year-olds. and children above.

JAYGEMWORLD is a crystal brand specializing in the production of crystal gifts, home gifts and crafts, fossil pulp, and crystal pulp. It includes the most popular Dig & Discover Kits categories currently on the market:
gem mining kit:

Fossil Digging Kit:


Pirate Excavation Kit

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