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How To Choose A Crystal Bracelet, How To Wear A Crystal Bracelet Correctly

Each crystal has its own healing properties and corresponding chakras, so how to choose the crystal that suits you is very important

Does the crystal bracelet need purification? The answer is: yes!
Amethyst Bracelet: Enhancing Wisdom, Attracting Nobles…
Citrine Bracelet: Prosperity and Wealth, Bringing Surprises…
White crystal bracelet: balance body and mind, support health …
Pink crystal bracelet: attract peach blossoms, enhance popularity…
Obsidian Bracelet: Anti-villain, ward off evil spirits…
Labradorite Bracelet: Calm emotions, improve insomnia…
Green Ghost Bracelet: Lucky fortune, strengthen career

Natural clear quartz purifies negative energy and blesses peace
Clear quartz is the most widely used crystal in crystal.
Helps to purify the messy negative energy in our body
It also has the function of warding off evil spirits and resisting negative energy.
Purify people’s magnetic field and gather positive energy!
Positive energy has natural good luck, health and popularity

Natural Citrine Helps Bring A Windfall
Citrine is the stone of fortune and treasure
The warm yellow light can bring partial wealth and business fate
Make people dare to challenge, especially in career
Helps create unexpected wealth

Get rid of mental fear, anxiety and self-doubt,
Makes you confident, which has many benefits for work and even inner problems.
Tiger’s eye stone can also help you achieve balance and harmony of the mind and enhance your will,
This enables you to make smart, bold decisions. to jump into a new life path

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