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How To Choose A Divination Stone

What are Norse Runes?
Nordic Rune, we simply call Runes, the word Runes may be derived from the German Raunen, meaning “whisper” or “secret whisper”, because of its Chinese pronunciation, it is literally translated as “Rune” Some people call it “Luni Alphabet” and “Rune Rune”, and because of the development area, some people call it “Nordic Alphabet” and “Nordic Rune”. Grace” or “Rune”.

Currently commonly used “24 runes” or “24 runes plus 1 blank stone”
If it was to be called the right way, it would be called it — Elder Futhark Runes

Although it is called “Runes” or “Runes” in the market, if you have free time, you can try to translate the word Runes on Google Translate, and you will find that the translation result is actually “Runes”, so The word “Runes” is used in the market as a way of abbreviation, but there are still many runes with obscure and special meanings in the world, and we can actually call them “Runes”.

So next time, if you read the book again, there is an introduction to runes written, but there are aura symbols, Egyptian symbols, Ogan tree, angel runes…etc.,

A simple description of the rune?
The Nordic rune or the Nordic rune script has existed for thousands of years and originated in Europe, especially in Scandinavia and the British Isles. The earliest rune inscriptions discovered so far are regularly dated in the second century AD Later, due to the prevalence of Christianity, it was introduced into northern Europe, and the Rune alphabet was gradually replaced by the Latin alphabet, which is a type of extinct child and mother.

To put it simply, the Nordic rune (letter) originated in Europe, mainly in a language system commonly used in Scandinavia and the British Isles. However, in the process of historical evolution, it was replaced by the Latin alphabet, which belongs to a class of extinct alphabets. Due to the gradual replacement of the Latin alphabet, the rune alphabet has disappeared and become extinct. When people looked at the rune again, there was a cultural gap, so even if the relevant literature was found, it was only possible to understand the rune alphabet from the perspective of archaeological backtracking. The rune alphabet belongs to an extinct class of alphabets.

So no teacher can say, “Your rune is the most orthodox”.

Which culture does it belong to?
It is a Germanic nation. Due to the great national migration, the Germans lived separately and mixed with other ethnic groups of different cultures, and they became the Norwegians, Swedes, Icelanders, Danes, and England that we know in our modern society. , Dutch, German, Austrian, etc.

How many runes are there?
In history, the rune alphabet has evolved into many kinds of rune alphabet systems due to the cultural development of different regions and the combination of different ethnic groups.

The three most famous rune letters are “Elder Futhark”, “Anglo Saxon Futhorc” and “Younger Futhark”.

In different kinds of rune letters, the total number of letters in the whole group is different, including and even the appearance. So in the process of getting to know the runes at the beginning, I sometimes feel that it is strange how this data is similar to another data, the rune appearance is very similar, but it is different, otherwise it is strange how this set of runes is 24 , how about another group of 33, and so on.

What are the uses of runes?
Nordic runes are not only used in divination, they are more used for blessings, prayers, luck, amulets or magical rituals, and of course they also include the use of writing. However, the rune itself is not widely used in China, and most of them are mainly used for divination and amulets. Other than the two, such as magic rituals or special uses are relatively rare.

As for the use of divination, I personally suggest that runes can be used alone, of course, corresponding to the card array, using other technologies to assist the use… This kind of use is fine. But if it is used especially in conjunction with other system changes, it may not be suitable. Because the rune is an independent system, it does not correspond to Kabbalah, the number of life spirits, etc. Compared with the design process of these systems, the rune is not necessarily referenced, so I do not recommend running the rune. Use in conjunction with other systems.

Due to different cultures

Tarot Taboo|Tarot Card Spirit|Tarot Card Evil Gate|Tarot Card Self-study
Of course, if a certain numerology system or a divination card card has included the rune in the design process, I may think that it can be used in combination.
(Joint use and mutual complementary use are not the same as “combined use”)

What about the relationship between Tarot cards and runes?
Tarot cards and runes are also very important representative items of Western occultism, but in terms of everyone’s knowledge and familiarity, it is natural to say that everyone is familiar with tarot cards, but runes are relatively unfamiliar.

So what is the relationship between the two?

In fact, this tarot card and the Nordic rune are actually unrelated in terms of organization and system structure. Many friends often speculate or even directly believe that there is a certain relationship between the two, but the development time and origin of the two are not the same, so it is difficult to determine that there is a relationship between the two, at least Kiwi believes that the tarot and the Rune runes, the two should be independent, two independent systems that do not affect each other and are not related to each other.

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