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Taurus(20Apr-20May)Emerald,Topaz,Rose Quartz,Malachite

What crystal is suitable for Taurus?

Taurus people are stable, hard-working, and love to exercise. There are many gems and crystals that can help Taurus: Emerald, Topaz, Rose Quartz, Malachite

Emerald is regarded as a symbol of love and life, representing spring full of vitality. The mysterious brilliance it shines makes it one of the most precious gems. It also has a good protective effect on the liver and can relieve eye fatigue. It is the lucky stone for Taurus. Just like Taurus, it gives people a sense of reliability, safety and harmlessness. It is beneficial and harmless to those who wear it. It can bring good luck and can often save them in times of crisis. It is indeed a lucky stone.

What is Pato Stone

Topaz, commonly known as topaz, belongs to the orthorhombic crystal system,Blue topaz is the most common, but due to treatments that create different colors, topaz can appear in beautiful pinks, reds, oranges, yellows, and browns

Is Pato stone expensive?

Patto stone is calculated based on market share
Yellow has the largest occupancy, but it is the mainstream color of Pato stone, so the price is slightly more expensive. Blue is the most common color and has a huge occupancy, and the price is relatively cheap. Light red and wine yellow are the top colors of Pato stone and are relatively expensive. , the specific prices are based on market fluctuations

The meaning of Pato stone for Taurus

Topaz plays a very good stabilizing role in the love and personality of Taurus. It can release the stress and relieve emotions of Taurus. The magnetic field of Topaz is more of a power to soothe, relax and release.

Pink quartz is a crystal that can absorb the magnetic field of the opposite sex. It usually has good energy help for love. It soothes the mood, improves interpersonal relationships, attracts people, and protects Taurus.

Guardian stone of Taurus – Wearing malachite can strengthen Taurus’ earth spirit love for nature, allowing them to feel a deeper connection and harmonize with the rhythm of nature. Malachite is good for the body, mind and spirit, and is good for neurotic or central nervous system. Nervous related diseases can be helpful to some extent

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