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The Properties And Effects Of The King Of Clear Quartz

The properties and effects of the king of clear quartz

White light is the mother of all lights. When the color light of the seven-color wheel rotates, it will become a piece of white. All power, evolved and diffused from white light, is the highest energy in the universe. There is a saying: as long as you obtain the power of white light, you can achieve all your wishes.

Among all crystals, the magnetic field of white crystal is the most stable and purest. Its magnetic field is hardly affected by other forces, and it always maintains its consistency and stability.

Among all crystals, white crystal is the most widely used, functional and popular crystal. Its physiological function is to help memory, promote concentration, absorb electromagnetic waves, reduce radiation, improve feng shui and so on.

So white crystal can not only increase intelligence. If it is worn with the spiritual crystal amethyst, it can also make the mind active, think quickly and concentrate. If you often wear white crystals, you will have more inspiration and focus more.

Clear quartz is transparent and colorless, crystal clear, representing balance and happiness.
The effect of white crystal

【1】Mainly health, balance personal body, mind and emotions, help concentrate, and greatly help the health of family members.

[2] Clear quartz can be placed on the desk to help children strengthen their concentration and memory, thereby improving their academic performance.

[3] The clear quartz pendant has the most balanced energy. It is best to be a “talisman” and “peace charm”.

[4] Improve work efficiency. The energy of clear quartz can make one’s mind clear and refreshed. Placing a clear quartz column near a desk or desk can help improve work efficiency. Doing meditation with white crystals, or wearing clear quartz accessories often, will strengthen the source of personal inspiration and make the mind more agile.

【5】Reduce electromagnetic wave radiation. Placing small crystal clusters on or around electrical appliances such as computers, televisions, and microwave ovens can reduce the amount of radiation and protect the human body from too much interference from electromagnetic waves.

[6] Blocking. When you carry a white crystal with you, its magnetic field will help you block the attacks of some bad magnetic fields, which is commonly known as blocking.

[7] Improve memory. Clear quartz will produce a continuous and stable shock soup in the light, so it has the function of clearing the mind, enhancing memory and understanding. Clear quartz is suitable for students, improving memory and understanding, and also suitable for some people who need to keep a clear mind at all times.

【8】Close your mind. Friends who are easily restless and have a lot of spiritual awareness when meditating can hold the crystal ball in their hands, which will help to gather their minds and concentrate on unity. It is the best choice for concentrating and fixing the consciousness.

【9】Balance of energy in the body. Clear quartz is among all crystal types, its magnetic field energy is the most stable and purest, and it is also the synthesis of all color energy. It is the best choice for balancing the energy in the body.

[10] Improve the potential of aura to stimulate. Clear quartz has its pure energy, which can effectively improve the free aura, stimulate the potential, nourish the body and adjust the qi, and make the spirit more peaceful.

[11] Town house to ward off evil spirits. Clear quartz can make people’s mind more peaceful, harmonious and pure, purify the surrounding and the negative energy of the human body, and bring good luck.

wearing clear quartz

Crystals are generally worn on the left hand, and only black gemstones are worn on the right hand, such as obsidian and black agate, because the crystal believes that the left side is to absorb the spiritual energy of the world, and the right side is to discharge its own pollution, and black generally has the effect of warding off evil spirits. It is recommended Wear the right hand.

The wearing of crystals emphasizes the following points:

1. Fate. Crystals are spiritual, and each crystal is waiting for the right owner to appear. Generally, when picking crystals, what you like at a glance, or the more you look at it, the more you like it, are mostly crystals that are related to you. Such crystals will complement each other better when you are with the owner.

2. The aura of the human body goes in from left to right. Generally, non-absorbing gemstones should be worn with the left hand to enhance fortune; while absorbing gemstones are suitable for wearing with the right hand to absorb sickness, turbidity, unlucky. Most of the gemstones are non-absorbing, and the most absorbing gems are: obsidian and tourmaline.

3. The wearing of the crystal should be based on your own wishes. If you have more progress in work and study and can concentrate more, you can choose white crystal (concentration) and am

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