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What Are The Types Of Crystals

What are the types of crystals?

Usually can be roughly divided into three categories:

Crystalline Varieties

Usually we see a cluster of crystals formed by multiple hexagonal crystal columns (hexagonal crystal system),which belong to the Crystalline Varieties crystal category, such as white crystal,  amethyst, citrine, pink crystal, hair crystal, tiger eye Stones, etc. belong to this category.


Crypto crystalline Varieties

Cryptocrystalline crystals are block-like in appearance, not in clusters of hexagonal crystals, but they are also in the hexagonal crystal system. But we cannot observe their hexagonal crystals with the naked eye, because the crystals are extremely small, and the hexagonal crystals can only be seen with the assistance of a microscope. And this type of crystal is very smooth, because there is “hydrated silica” between the crystals, and agate belongs to this category.

Special Varieties
This type of crystal is very different from ordinary crystals, and it is difficult to classify it as a crystalline type or a cryptocrystalline type, so it is classified as a special type, such as the Skeeton Crystal (backbone crystal) with strange crystals, and the Phantom Crystal (Phantom Crystal with a landscape pattern in the crystal). Phantom Crystal), etc. are all classified into this category.

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