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What Does Rose Quartz Do And Who Should Wear It

What Does Rose Quartz Do And Who Should Wear It

Rose quartz—–the goddess of love
Chemical formula SiO2
Crystal system: hexagonal system
Hardness: 7
Specific gravity: 2.60
Refractive index: 1.54-1.55
Origin: Brazil, South Dakota, Colorado, Madagascar

Pink crystal, also known as the stone of love and the stone of roses, represents love, popularity and affinity.
Pink crystals are called healing crystals. They can help people heal their pain and take you out of emotional pain. Therefore, people who are hurt in their hearts can choose to wear pink crystals to soothe their hurt hearts. The main function of pink crystal is to improve interpersonal relationships, and it can also lubricate the feelings between men and women, bringing good marriage; at the same time, it develops the heart chakra, helps people pursue love, enhances personal connections, opens the wearer’s heart, and makes the wearer feel happy.

Who is Rose quartz suitable for?

1 : Single
2: Couple
3: Chakra Healing
4: Strengthen Affinity
5: Improve interpersonal relationships
6: Attract business popularity
7: Relieve tension

Products of Rose quartz

rose quartz bracelet
Rose quartz pendant
rough stone

Degaussing of Rose Quartz

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