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What Is Tumble Stone ?How Tumble Stone Is Made?

Tumble stone is a variety of rocks, crushed stone of mineral raw materials, in different sizes, polished by machine or by hand.

The general procedure is that we will collect all kinds of crushed stones, screen them according to their types and sizes, and sort out the shapes and sizes that need to be polished and polished.
Pour the crushed stone into the rotating drum and add sand, the drum will keep rotating and stirring, this process is to grind the crushed stone to become round, and the specific roundness needs to be added according to the thickness of the sand. During this process, the sand and gravel on the bottom of the drum are rubbed by vibration and the surface of the gravel

Next, the gloss of the tumble stone needs to be polished by adding a polishing agent.
Generally speaking, different types of gravel have different compositions, such as crystal-structured gravel, or obsidian, or harder meteorites, etc., all require different sand and gravel for grinding, and the time is also different.

Other tumble stones that are different from the round are hard to say that they are all done by machines, and some must be achieved by manual pre-cutting, such as tumblers.

Commercially the tuble stone is unique because its material comes from nature, even hand-milled, but we can be sure that no two tumble stones are alike

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