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How to wholesale crystal

How to wholesale crystal

Crystal wholesale is a crucial step for crystal lovers and practitioners. According to statistics, many crystal practitioners develop step by step from crystal traders. When we were crystal enthusiasts, we mostly purchased our favorite crystals from various channels such as DIY, retail, and small scale. This is a very suitable way for individuals. When you want to engage in the crystal industry, for example, be a Crystal store, to be a crystal supplier, when you are an individual business owner, you must have your own crystal warehouse, crystal showcase collection room, and sufficient inventory. Of course, this involves purchasing a large amount of crystals. What you will face is Large quantities of crystal wholesale, if you don’t have a good crystal supplier, it will be difficult for you to make a profit.
Below we will list how to wholesale from quality suppliers

  1. Market research, position your own market and audience, and find the most popular types of crystals
    Discover your competitors
  2. Find a reputable crystal supplier through Google, aibaba, Internet search, attend crystal exhibitions, refer to industry associations or get recommendations from other industry insiders
  3. Contact the supplier to obtain the catalog, establish a database, and record the unit price, quantity, payment method, transportation method, transportation time, and return method.
  4. Obtain samples. Obtain samples now before purchasing in large quantities to confirm that the quality and style are satisfactory.
  5. Purchase in bulk, get the best quotation, best quantity, payment and delivery details through communication
  6. Establish a good cooperative relationship, regularly update products, and obtain new products and quotations.
  7. Manage inventory, check inventory regularly, make statistics in a timely manner, and purchase new products in a timely manner
  8. Marketing, promote your business through online and offline word-of-mouth communication through social media channels
  9. Maintain customers and maintain good communication and service with your customers for a long time

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